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Plastic Recycling Program

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Plastic Recycling Program is a concept developed by our client that enables the Government of a sovereign state to establish – at national level – the controlled systematic regulation of the streams of plastics, from manufacturer to recycling with considerable financial benefit to any Government.

Worldwide, on land and at sea, pollution by plastic waste increases severely.

The main reason is that consumers are not sufficiently (financially) animated for active participation to the active collection of used plastics.

Governments to date do not manage to collect the majority of used plastics to recycle these within a system that in addition is highly profitable to the Government.

Plastic Recycling Program is Win-Win; rendering significant advantages to environment and government.

That’s why we present Plastic Recycling Program as a business proposition to your government, on behalf of our client Mr. Kiss, being a smart and practical economical concept that relieves the environment and the government services 

The IP of Plastic Recycling Program is registered according to the rules of WIPO.

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