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Company producing robotic cardiac device 

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Heart disease is the world’s largest cause of mortality (WHO 2019), but is often discovered  too late or not even at all.  Noteworthy, in certain patient groups, like women, elderly and diabetics, a wide variety of even vague symptoms can point to serious cardiac disease.

Undetected heartfailure has high death rates globally.  If detected timely and more efficiently, more people can be saved and mortality can be reduced by half.

The key cardiac diagnostic medium is echography (ultrasound). Good and timely echoes save lives globally.  However, the present quick look methods often do not lead to optimal image acquisition.  High end echocardiography is often unavailable, or welltrained personnel is lacking, leaving many heart failures undetected.

Our client is a committed cardiologist, who experiences shortage of echo capacity daily.

He developed a robot to solve this serious shortcoming in cardiac care capacity.  The robot delivers echo images on a specific designed bed.  Delft Technical University, Erasmus Medical Center and a robotic specialised company are valuable partners.

The potential and value of this invention is confirmed by independent cardiologists and robotic experts. The patented robot will enter clinical trials in 2021.

Echocardiography forms a rapid growing market and can increasingly be found in non cardiac departments like general practice, in anaesthesiology and Emergency (ER) and Intensive Care Units